Baby Ellia: Newborn

This little sweet pea was just too cute! She didn’t want to sleep for our pictures, but she was happy looking around while I snapped away.  She was a full 2 pounds lighter than my daughter when she was born so she seemed extra tiny and cuddly to me. What a treat!

In honor of Fall, I’ll end with this sweet lil’ pumpkin:

Val & Jimmy: Maternity

I met Val at nursing school orientation 4 years ago. We soon found out that we had both been home schooled and we had both just started dating these these guys we liked. I decided I needed to have her as my roommate, ASAP. I called up my other roommates and begged them to allow me to add a 4th roommate to our tiny apartment. They said yes! So the following year we shared a small room and an even tinier closet. We studied a ton, laughed and cried over our boyfriends, and drooled over engagement rings. Within a few months we both became engaged to those boys, and planned our weddings together. You never saw so many wedding magazines in one tiny room! Three years later we found ourselves expecting our first babies at the same time! My little girl, Natalie, is 2 months old. Val is due in November and oh boy, I cannot wait to meet him or her!!   




This was taken as a joke, but it came out kinda sweet 🙂


Val has a thing for John Deere 😉